Meet Ridmik's Next Big Step

Are you a passionate Ridmik fan? do you want to help us shape the evolution of Ridmik? Come, join our Early Access Program to become a beta tester and provide us your point of view, find bugs, and drive forward our progress 'one bit at time'...

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Frequently Asked Questions
Ridmik Friends+ is an early access and beta testing program for Ridmik apps. Ridmik is the same brand that brought you Ridmik Keyboard, Ridmik News, Boitoi and Bondhu Buzz. We take pride in developing wordclass apps in Bangladesh that give you a truly great experience.
Please click on the "JOIN RIDMIK FRIENDS+ PROGRAM" button and sign up. Please provide the email address that you use on Google Play Store and a valid phone number.
We are taking limited number of beta tester to our app. We're gradually increasing the number of users. So please sign up and you'll be notified. Once you're given access, you'll be be able to download beta version of our apps from the PlayStore.